Current Active Workgroups

RTN workgroups are innovative think-tanks, where all RTN members have a seat at the table. This is where technology companies and restaurateurs roll up their sleeves together, and collaborate to solve real-world challenges.

Join this monthly collaborative conversation, where we invite restaurants and technology executives to explore the various types of artificial intelligence / machine learning real-world applications, and how these technologies are evolving in our industry. This workgroup may tap insights from RTN’s most recent Town Hall on Artificial Intelligence.

Potential questions to explore:

  • How is Artificial Intelligence accessible, useful and practical today?

  • How do restaurants collect data and how does the way it’s collected, as well as the type of data collected, fuel AI applications? 

  • What are the real-world applications of AI by operational category (FOH, BOH, etc)?

Occurring the first Tuesday of the month. 

Take-out became table stakes during the pandemic, and it's still taking off, with no sign of slowing. In fact, it's become increasingly critical for restaurants to get it right. From speed of service, minimizing wait and delivery times, to order accuracy, restaurants must find the best way to get orders from inside the four walls into consumer hands. That includes tapping next-gen tech to drive optimal user experiences.Join the conversation, as we explore the evolutionary ways take-out tech has taken off - and what this may look like as technologies get even smarter. The group may reference RTN’s former Off-Prem Playbook, as well as explore types of take-out tech, operational scope / integration, and recommendations via restaurant model and size, etc.

Potential technologies to explore:

  • Geolocation

  • Food Lockers

  • Labeling

  • Delivery driver pick-up solutions

  • Mobile tech for staff

  • Curbside delivery robotics

  • Takeout window and the tech driving it

Occurs every other Tuesday at 11:00 am CT.

Inviting technology companies to share ROI calculators for specific technologies, and creating a library of ROI tools and resources for restaurants. This may be useful when passing on the value of tech to franchisees and / or evangelizing tech decisions internally. This group may also consider how capital investments are funded (pros and cons of borrow vs buy). The potential outcome of this workgroup may reference or augment former RTN work, including documentation on Restaurant Technology KPIs and RTN’s Restaurant Technology Capabilities Framework. 

Occurs every other Thursday at 10:00 am CT.

Join us to explore best practices for converting third-party to first-party online ordering and loyalty, and/or marketing to your most loyal fans with various personalized tech platforms and automation.


  • Pros vs. cons of current marketplace offerings

  • Integration strategy

  • AI-fueled personalization

  • Loyalty platforms

  • Delivery strategies for conversion

LAUCHING January 2023


Why Should I Join as a Restaurant Operator?

By joining the workgroups, restaurants tap the collective tech talent of multiple suppliers to help solve challenges. The result? Tangible deliverables you can use to streamline your business and innovate faster.

Why Should I Join as a Supplier?

Workgroup key contributors receive RTN Key Contributor Badges of recognition for the talent, time and resources they dedicate to the mission. Workgroup leads are also tapped to introduce key findings to the industry via webinars and live events, like MURTEC and MURTEC Executive Summit.

Who's Who In Restaurant Technology

The workgroups provide excellent networking, both supplier-to-supplier and restaurant-to-supplier. You'll get to know top tech talent in our industry, and find out who's who when it comes to getting things done.

Shape The Future of Restaurant Technology

By joining the workgroups, you can shape the future of restaurant technology, using your voice, tech talent and brand influence to produce best practices, technical guidance and standards.

Not an RTN Member Yet? 
If you’re not an RTN Member, we invite you to “test drive” the workgroups for up to two sessions. If you decide not to officially join RTN, you will not be permitted to continue participating after your test drive sessions. If you’d like more information on how to become a member of RTN,
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