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RTN workgroups are innovative think-tanks, where all RTN members have a seat at the table. Technology companies and restaurateurs roll up their sleeves together, and collaborate to solve real-world challenges. By joining the workgroups, you can shape the future of restaurant technology, using your voice, tech talent and brand influence to produce best practices, technical guidance and standards. 

Workgroups provide excellent networking, both supplier-to-supplier and restaurant-to-supplier. You'll get to know top tech talent in our industry, and find out who's who when it comes to getting things done.

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These Workgroups are ongoing - sign up for one or sign up for all. You might be joining a group in the middle of their development, but that's OK, we value your insights and contributions now matter where the group is in their progress. 

**LAUNCHING 4/23/24**

Will Continue To Meet Every Other Tuesday, 2 PM CT

The future of innovation inside the restaurant industry depends on various technology applications integrating smoothly and sharing data seamlessly. RTN's Open API Framework provides a solid foundation for defining what constitutes an Open API. Although many restaurant technology companies have open APIs, they are sometimes controlled by contractual and/or cost-prohibitive business practices that render an open API ineffective and/or inaccessible - especially to the newest innovative technology companies on the scene. This workgroup will collaborate to inform a new industry tool that allows vendors to anonymously crowdsource how easy or difficult it is to integrate their solutions effectively and equitably into the industry's larger ecosystem of well-established market solutions.

**LAUNCHING 5/2/24**

Will Continue To Meet Every Other Thursday, Noon CT

Restaurant Back-of-House Automation
What is driving the need for BOH automation and in what ways are restaurants tapping tech to optimize in every corner of the enterprise? This group will map out today’s BOH landscape and discuss topics such as: workforce management solutions that allow restaurants to hire better and faster as well as how restaurants may tap tech to forecast and schedule more optimally. We’ll also explore best practices for controlling food and packaging waste while managing inventory costs, as well as robotics and automation in kitchen and prep areas. This workgroup may map out good / better / best practices related to BOH technologies and / or ideate around what the future BOH may look like.

*Launching Soon!*

Meets every other month


If you're interested in contributing to any work around data standardization, please join this workgroup. Data standardization is a priority and central mission for RTN, and an ongoing, iterative process. We welcome anyone who has an interest in joining the conversation. Register today, and we'll keep you updated on the latest workgroups developing, as well as anytime there is an official data standards launch.

Next Meeting: April 9th, 2024 at 1:00 pm CT

Meets every other month


Join as we host monthly collaborative conversations in this AI Share Group, where restaurant technology stakeholders share ideas and  explore various AI / ML real-world applications. Learn what’s new and exciting when it comes to consumer and employee-facing AI, and how new technologies are creating unmatched operational efficiencies - in every facet of the industry. Watch this sizzle reel to get a glimpse into the types of conversations and topics we’ll explore.

Meets every other Tuesday @ 12:00 pm CT

In Phase 1, the RTCF defined functional areas, capabilities, and use cases for restaurant solutions. It was created to allow restaurant technology stakeholders to speak a common language, as well as identify relationships between systems and business processes and accelerate enhanced restaurant business capabilities.

Phase 2 will explore all areas of restaurant enterprise architecture and overall operations.  Phase 2 may explore ways you can utilize the tool, identify use cases, map to vendor solutions, explore maturity Indexing, etc.

Meets every other Thursday @ 11:00 am CT

Join us to identify best practices for holistically understanding restaurant guests and uncover ways to positively influence most-desired behavior.  This could include exploring customer data platforms, customer engagement, and overall operational effectiveness.


Topics of Discussion:

  • Pros vs. cons of marketplace offerings

  • Capturing guest data (integration implications)

  • Segmentation & personalization

  • Effective incentives for guest identification - “loyalty”

  • Increasing the guest “likelihood to return”